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Ice Cream

Bow’s Ice Cream is the best ice cream you’ll ever try, thanks to the great local milk and cream we use!

Enjoy your favourite flavours made fresh daily in a classic cone, popular waffle cone, or handy cup! We also have a range of sizes from Baby up to Triple! We’re always coming up with new ideas for flavours too, so keep an eye out and try something new!

Beat the heat with a delicious sweet treat from Bow’s Ice Cream!

With over 100 awards at the Royal Melbourne Show, even the experts agree that Bow’s traditional ice cream is best!


Peppermint Choc Chip






Strawberry Supreme




Old English Toffee




Honey Crunch


Tim Tam Fudge


Cookie Dough


Swiss Chocolate




Coffee Fudge


Forrest Berry Yoghurt


Mango Sorbet

Soft Serve

Love a classic soft serve ice cream on a hot day? Bow’s Ice Cream makes smooth, silky soft serve from local milk and cream that is nothing like your average soft serve!

Not only does Bow’s soft serve have that perfect texture, but we have a great range of toppings you can add to really make it yum, like our Choc Dip with Nuts dipped in delicious creamy chocolate then covered in nuts!
We use the same soft serve ice cream for our range of milkshakes, thick shakes and loaded shakes, or in a smoothie, if you’re wanting that creamy delicious texture only Bow’s soft serve can offer!

Freshly churned every day from a local dairy, you can’t beat Bow’s Ice Cream soft serve!



Bow’s Ice Cream shakes have been massively popular ever since we opened, and if you’ve tried one you know exactly why!

Bow’s shakes are with our special soft serve made fresh daily, from local Gippsland milk and cream!

We have classic flavours like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana that you’ve enjoyed for years, but we also create new and exciting shakes like our nutella thick shake and loaded shakes!

Enjoy your favourite flavour or try something new, Bow’s Ice Cream shakes are so good it might be hard to choose! We also have delicious toppings you can choose from to create your own amazing shake!


Since 1986 Bow’s Ice Cream has made the best milkshakes in Gippsland, using the freshest Gippsland dairy products and a lot of love!

Our milkshakes are made the old fashioned way, from our fresh daily soft serve, and you can enjoy all your favourite flavours or something new with our great range of options! Blue heaven? Lime? Banana? Or do you enjoy trying a different one each time?

If you want something a little thicker, or with some awesome toppings you’ll also love our thickshakes and loaded shakes!

When you’re in the mood for a milkshake, nothing else will satisfy you… so stop by Bow’s Ice Cream in Morwell, Traralgon or Sale for a classic, traditional Bow’s milkshake!

Thick Shakes

Thicker than thick… not quite milk, not quite ice cream… a Bow’s thickshake is the best of both worlds, and the perfect treat if you love a milkshake but want something richer, thicker and even yummier!

Bow’s thickshakes are freshly made with our very own soft serve, from local dairy and a whole lot of love!

Bow’s thickshakes are the way they’re meant to be, with real ingredients, yum flavours and the perfect consistency! If you’re a lover of chocolate you have to try the Nutella thickshake! Bow’s Ice Cream thickshakes are the thickest and tastiest around, with a delicious selection of flavours for you to treat yourself with!

Loaded Shakes

Bow’s Ice Cream loaded shakes are the ultimate treat if you’re a shake fan. Packed with fresh Bow’s soft serve, a scoop of their traditional ice cream on top and finished with a range of tasty toppings!

There’s four great flavours to choose from, like the Nutella Loaded Shake with our popular Nutella thickshake, a scoop of our hand made Nutella ice cream, then topped with a Ferrero Rocher and drizzled with Nutella!

Bow’s Loaded Shakes are the most decadent of our shake range, so if you’re looking for something extra special as a treat, this is for you!

Enjoy on its own or with a Bow’s baked spud, hot dog or nachos for the most satisfying lunch around!

Iced Chocolate & Iced Coffee

Bow’s iced chocolate and iced coffee are the perfect drink if you don’t want the heat, but still want the flavour!

Like all of Bow’s Ice Cream’s menu, we’re proud to make our iced chocolate and iced coffee with fresh, local dairy.

Our iced coffees are made with Bow’s own special blend of coffee, roasted fresh every week for the best coffee in your drink, iced or hot!

Iced chocolates are a long time favourite of Bow’s customers, made with Gippsland milk, chocolate syrup then topped with our super smooth soft serve and pieces of Cadbury Flake!

A Bow’s iced chocolate or iced coffee hits the spot when you have that craving!


Healthy, delicious, creamy… you can’t go past a Bow’s smoothie for a sweet treat!

With four yum flavours, banana, mixed berry, strawberry and mango, a Bow’s smoothie is as refreshing as it is tasty!

Bow’s smoothies are made with a choice our own special soft serve or yoghurt, plus there are dairy free options our handmade dairy free sorbet.

Enjoy your smoothie for a quick breakfast on the go, or get one with a baked spud for a yum and healthy lunch.

The smoothest smoothie with the freshest fruit and tastiest flavours, only at Bow’s Ice Cream!

Hot Baked Spuds

Bow’s baked spuds are made using fresh Thorpdale potatoes and are Gippsland famous!

Enjoy our legendary Aussie spud with melted cheese, yummy chunks of bacon and crispy coleslaw, or try the BBQ pulled pork spud for smoky sweet and rich flavour. Our roast chicken spud with veggies and gravy is also a popular choice, and you can’t go past the classic bolognese spud!

We’ve been making baked spuds ever since Bow’s first opened in 1986, and you can’t beat the taste of fresh local produce to make a delicious baked spud!

Bow’s Ice Cream baked spuds are best enjoyed… whenever you feel like one!

Hot Dogs

There’s just something satisfying about hotdogs that you can’t get from anything else, and Bow’s hotdogs are tried and tested since opening in 1986!

Made using locally sourced hotdog rolls, toasted to perfection, Bow’s hotdogs are the perfect treat when paired with a Bow’s shake!

Dating back to 1867, the hotdog started with a boiled frankfurter served in a toasted, buttered roll. A lot may have changed in the world since then, but you still can’t beat a great hot dog!

Try the Bow’s Aussie hot dog, it’s a fan favourite with cheese, bacon and coleslaw, just like our Aussie baked spud!


Sometimes the most simple things in life are the best, and Bow’s Ice Cream make a mean plate of nachos that are sure to hit the spot!

Nachos are named after Ignacio Anaya who in 1943 made the first plate of nachos for the wives of US soldiers, quickly frying corn tortillas and topping with cheese and jalapeno. You can enjoy this legendary snack food at Bow’s Ice Cream any time of day, maybe with your favourite shake or cup of coffee!

Gooey melty cheese over crunchy crispy corn chips, plus a range of tasty toppings you can choose from including tasty and tangy salsa, and creamy guacamole!

When it comes to nachos, Bow’s is best!


The perfect start to the morning… a relaxing afternoon cuppa… a boost of energy when you need it.

Bow’s Ice Cream roast our own special blend of coffee every week so that you can enjoy the best cup of coffee!

If you’re picking up breakfast or lunch, a Bow’s coffee goes great with a baked spud, hot dog or nachos!

Our freshly roasted coffee can also be ordered with a variety of flavours so you can enjoy your coffee, your way.

The next time you’re needing a caffeine hit to get moving, think of Bow’s Ice Cream!