Our Story

Bow’s, the beginning

Back in 1986, Richard and Rhonda Bowen started Bow’s Ice Cream in Morwell, serving Gippsland a range of ice cream flavours from their store next to the Kodak shop in Mid Valley.

From the very beginning, Richard and Rhonda wanted to create a business that was a part of Gippsland, by supporting local businesses and local farmers, not only sourcing locally grown produce but by hiring local!

Building the business

Over 30 years and two generations of Bowen’s later, Bow's award-winning ice cream is still proudly a locally owned and operated business and has even expanded to three locations adding Bow’s Ice Cream in Traralgon and Bow’s Ice Cream in Sale.

Not only has Bow’s become a beloved Gippsland business for our ice cream, shakes and baked potatoes, but we have had the honour of winning over 100 awards at the Melbourne Show. Bow’s traditional ice cream really is best.

In the time since Richard and Rhonda started the business, Bow’s has grown to over 50 staff across the Morwell, Traralgon and Sale stores.

Bow’s is best…

At Bow’s Ice Cream we’re big supporters of the local Gippsland community, which is why we proudly use local produce from local sources in Gippsland.

Being a family owned business, we believe that it’s important to support locals, as they’ll support you back too. With over 50 staff members in the Bow’s team, it is our goal to help support young adults in Gippsland by offering them a foot into their first job, and the service industry.

If you’re aged 15 to 20, fun, enthusiastic and excited to get into your first job, we’re always looking for new team members. Check our Jobs page or contact any of the Bow’s Gippsland ice cream shops for more info.

The next time you’re travelling through Gippsland, stop in at Bow’s Ice Cream in Morwell, Bow’s Ice Cream in Traralgon or Bow’s Ice Cream in Sale for sweet and satisfying milkshakes or thick shakes, stomach warming hot baked potatoes and hot dogs… and of course all types of delicious ice cream flavours!